The ReCharter Incentive for Free Cloth Rank Badges will expire on Monday night, December 15th. Please get your ReCharter in ASAP!

The University of Scouting is a Youth and Adult Training that provides supplimental training opportuntities (beyond basic training) for leaders who want to provide a great program for our scouts.  
This occurs the last saturday of February of each year and registration usually opens by the end of December.  Please take a look at the current registration on the calendar.
University of Scouting Refund Policy 
Pre-registration is a great way to attend the University of Scouting for a discounted rate. Those who 
pre-register & pre-pay have the option of requesting a refund up until Friday, February 14th. After 
this date, NO REFUNDS will be possible as food and materials will already have been ordered! 

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