Join us for a Challenge by Choice at the 2017 Powder Horn Course!

Powder Horn is a training opportunity designed to expose the Venturing or Boy Scout leader to activities and resources necessary to operate a successful Venturing Ranger Award or Troop High Adventure program in several ways:

  • Help Venturing Leaders and Scouters to safely conduct outdoor activities of a fan and challenging nature.

  • Provides an introduction to the resources necessary to successfully lead their Venturers and older Boy Scouts through a program of high adventure.

  • Familiarizes the Advisor with the Ranger program so that he or she can help the Venturer to meet the requirements of the Ranger Award.

  • This course is based on the Venturing Ranger requirements giving participants an exposure to outdoor/high adventure activities.

Topics that WILL be covered:

  • First Aid
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Conservation Project
  • Leave No Trace
  • Cooking
  • Communication
  • Land Navigation
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Working with Teens

    Topics that MAY be covered (at least 10 will be):

    • Backpacking
    • Cave Exploring
    • Plants and Wildlife
    • Life Saver
    • COPE
    • Mountaineering
    • Winter Sports
    • Physical Fitness
    • Watercraft
    • Equestrian
    • Expedition Planning
    • Fishing
    • Hunting
    • Ecology
    • Outdoor Living History
    • SCUBA
    • Shooting Sports
    • Cycling/Mountain Biking

      Needed For:
      This is NOT a total training or certifying course. It is meant to give the participants a opportunity to try the activity and learn how to provide it in your own program.


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