You Asked for It and You Got It!

We have listened to you, our customers, and chosen Camp Masters Popcorn as our new vendor for the Council’s Popcorn Sale beginning this fall.?

After a series of blind taste tests of hundreds of our Unit leaders and volunteers at the University of Scouting, District Roundtables and other events over the course of the last two months the results were clear – you preferred Camp Masters Popcorn by a wide margin of more than 2 to 1! 

Tasters commented that the new Product line produced “a much larger and fluffier Popcorn, had a crisper crunch, and was an overall more enjoyable eating experience.”

The new Popcorn we will be selling this year also includes the ALL NEW Mauve (Purple) Popcorn  – with Real Butter, Sea Salt, and Kettle Corn flavors in tins.

Not only did Tasters prefer the flavor of the Popcorn but you also preferred the Tin and Packaging designs (the new product line includes 7 tins with the first beginning at only $10).

You will be pleased to know that while we are changing Popcorn companies the Prize program will continue with the same elements as in the past (including High Achiever and Fill a Sheet Prizes) and Scholarship qualifiers will be honored by the new Popcorn Company. 

The Product line for this Fall will include:

  • Chocolatey Treasures Tin
  • 3 Way Premium Tin
  • 3 Way Cheese Tin
  • A Variety Tin that features the new Mauve Real Butter & Kettle Corn
  • Supreme Caramel with Nuts
  • Trail Mix
  • Mauve Sea Salt Tin
  • Extra Butter Roasted Summer Corn – the highest rated flavor in the Popcorn Industry
  • Military Donations

Prices for the new Product line will remain consistent with those from the previous years, with reductions in a few items based on the new product mix.

In addition to the exciting new Product Line Up, the ALL NEW High Achiever Prizes, and the Exclusive Popcorn Sale Training CAMP MASTERS also has tremendous Program Support with a toll free number to talk to a live person at 1-800-624-2060 to answer any questions.



2016 Popcorn Unit Committment Form

2016 Unit Popcorn Kickoff Presentation

2016 Fund Your Adventure Spreadsheet

2016 Popcorn Why Sell Flyer

2016 Popcorn Leader's Guide

2016 Popcorn Info Packet

Printable Order Form


Popcorn Sale Calendar

Show & Sell Orders Placed online      Aug. 18th

Take Order Sale Begins                      Sept. 1st

Show & Sell Product Pickup               Sept. 2nd

Show & Sell Payments Due               Oct. 28th

Take Orders Placed on-line                Oct. 31st

Prize Orders Placed on-line               Nov. 1st

Popcorn Distribution                          Nov. 11th

Take Order Payments Due                Dec. 2nd

Final Day to Place Prize Orders        Dec. 15th 


Learn About the 2016 Sale and Earn an Additional 3% Commission

You are free to attend whichever Training best fits your schedule

  • Tuesday, July 19th at 6:30pm - Hornell Elks Club (60 Broadway Mall in Hornell, NY)
  • Thursday, July 21st at 6:30pm - Sayre Christian Church (427 Keystone Ave in Sayre, PA)
  • Wednesday, July 27th at 6:30pm – GST BOCES Building 1 (459 Philo Rd. in Elmira, NY
  • Thursday, August 18th at 6:30pm - Cowanesque Lake Park (Tioga, PA)



  • Units that participate in Show & Sell increase their total sales an average of 25%
  • Units that use Credit Card Readers in their sales increase by an average of 25%
  • Our top selling Scout in 2015 sold more than $10,000 worth of Popcorn
  • If every Scout and Scouter in the Council sold 7 Popcorn Items we would raise half a million dollars for local Scouting 

Popcorn Selling Options

Take Order

A Scout goes door to door with a take order form with a parent or a buddy, the customer writes their order on the form, the Scout returns to deliver the product and collect payment in a few weeks.  Remember always to say “thank you” to the person purchasing the popcorn.


The unit works as a team at a location(s) to show their products and to make immediate sales after getting permission to sell in front of a business, storefront, or other location.


Allows Scouts to sell online to family and friends.  There is an online account available for each individual unit and/or for each individual Scout.  Sales generated online qualifies toward Scout Rewards and scholarship credit.

**Note: All Popcorn & Prize Orders MUST be placed using the On-line Ordering System**

Accepting Credit Cards

You and your Scouts can now accept credit cards!  This link takes you directly to the page to sign up:





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