Council Scout Show

Council Scout Show
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3300 Chambers Rd
Horseheads, NY 14845, US
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“The Science of Scouting”


Each year, the Five Rivers Council hosts a Scout Show at the Arnot Mall in Horseheads, NY.  This show is a time for Scouts and units from throughout the Five Rivers Council to come and show the community what Scouting is all about.  Units set up interactive booths and displays about various aspects of their Scouting programs.



  • Show the community what Scouting is all about.
  • Recruit new members for Units (Boy Scouts should be recruiting Arrow of Light Scouts.
  • Have leaders and Scouts from different Units interact in a public setting.
  • Let the Cub Scouts see what Troops are doing in their area.
  • Have FUN!



Booths and displays should reflect this year’s theme: “The Science of Scouting”.  Scouting is fun so let’s show the public that fact!  Booths should incorporate games, hands on activities, and lots and lots of pictures of Scouts having fun!

Units should have available at their booths, information on when and where they meet, who the contact person is, and their upcoming calendar.  This is a great way to get more Scouts to join your Unit.




Where:             Arnot Mall, Horseheads NY

When:               Saturday – February 3rd, from 9:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  All booths must be up and ready to go by 10:00 a.m. on February 3rd.  No booth should be taken down until 2:30 p.m.

Note:             If you are a Council/District Committee or Vendor, please select that registration type. Under Theme/Topic of your table please indicate what Committee/Vendor you are representing.


  1. Unit leadership decides on a display or activity for booth.  All booths must comply with the Guide to Safe Scouting rules, Climbing and Rappelling rules, and COPE rules where applicable.  If you have a question about any of these guidelines, please contact: Daniel Carpenter at 607-331-1193 or


  1. Unit leadership decides on space needs for booth or demonstration as well as needs for electricity, etc. Note: Please keep in mind that we will be locating booths in the center areas of the mall aisles so try to make the booth or demonstration open and accessible from both sides.


  1. Unit leadership completes and returns the attached application.  Be sure to list special needs.  Keep in mind that 12 feet is maximum height allowed in most of the mall.  If you do have anything that is tall please let us know as soon as possible to see if you can do the booth.




  1. Determine materials needed for setting your area up from scratch.


  1. Have Cubs Scouts, Boy Scouts or Venturers, work on the needed projects in preparation for the show.  Keep in mind that “Action and Participation” should be the key elements in the booth/demonstration, not only for the Scouts but for the public as well.


  1. Setup your area by 9:45 a.m. – on February 3rd.


  1. Set up a schedule for your youth to man the area with adult supervision being sure to leave time for them to enjoy the entire Scout Show also.  Communicate this schedule to your parents so they are aware of their Scouts’ time commitment.


  1. Prepare an attractive sign for your booth with the following information: Unit number, charter partner’s name, and display theme and community name.


  1. Be sure to bring your Unit flag.





The registration fee is $7.50 per Scout and adult.  Due to the large number of people attending the event and the requirement of having firm attendance numbers prior to the event, you need to pre-register as soon as possible.  These fees cover your admission, the Friday evening events, your table, chairs and booth, and the custom event patch. 



 We will be sleeping in areas from Center Court towards Olympia.  There will be plenty of area to set up and sleep as units.  There will be certain unused store fronts that will be available for bathroom facilities.  Center court bathroom facilities will be available.  We strongly encourage that late night trips to the bathroom be accompanied by an adult.  Any area from center court going to Sears will be prohibited after 10:30 pm.


***No Sleeping gear may be brought into the Mall before 9:30 p.m. ***



Challenge games and interactive games will be set up on Friday night starting at 10:30 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. 

They will be separated by Program: Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.   We guarantee that it will be a fun and exciting program.



There is no set deal with the Regal Cinemas.   We suggest that if you go to the movies, you can come early.  Find an early show, enjoy the movie, then after movie, enjoy the Program set up for you after 10:30 p. m.



There will be a 1:00 a.m. curfew!  All Scouts must be in their designated area by 1:00 a.m. with noise under control.  We will be having a security guard for the night.  The security guards will be making rounds throughout the night; and they will be enforcing rules and regulations throughout the night.  Please make sure that all your Scouts are aware of this.



There are many different options in the area for breakfast the next morning.  Tops Markets will be taking orders for breakfast pizza.  You must pre-order.   There is a Dunkin Donuts just across the street from the Arnot Mall.  There is a Mc Donald’s right next to the Dunkin Donuts. Or simply bring your own.  Please do not send Scouts across the road to get food.  



Booth – each booth space will be approximately 12x12 and will be set up with one table and two chairs.  Items may be given away but sales of any kind are not allowed.  If you need electricity for your booth, we need to know by January 22nd.  Do not request electricity Friday night or Saturday morning and expect it to be available.  Requests are through the Scout Shop.  All questions on booths are through the Scout Shop – please do not call the Mall management and expect them to answer questions.



The Scout Shop will be the Headquarters for the event.  Any emergency, injury or problems should be directed there.  The Scout Shop phone number is 607-796-0699, and should be provided to parents as an emergency number ONLY!  There will be a lot of people at the Mall Show and tracking someone down to tell them to pick up a quart of milk on their way home is not an emergency.  If parents call, please tell them they need to know the Unit number and Unit leader in charge.



District check-in is located in Center Court – please sign in there as soon as you arrive.  You will need a roster of who is attending at check-in time.  Please do not come early to sign in, people are still in the Mall and this makes for congestion in Center Court for people leaving the movies.



$7.50 per Adult
$7.50 per Committee/Vendor
$7.50 per Scout


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