Fall Cub-O-Ree at Camp Brule

Fall Cub-O-Ree at Camp Brule
Registration Begins
Last Day To Register
10/6/2017 10:00 PM
2559 North Street
Forksville, PA, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

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This will be a family style camping activity so get out the tents and let’s start getting our families ready for this new event. It is preferred that the Scouts from the whole Pack come together or this would make a great Den Activity.  As this is a Council sponsored event it does not require a BALOO trained leader

 to be there. Volunteer Staff members as well as volunteers from our Council Activities Committee will be running the activities. We will eat in the Dining hall and explore all around camp as our Scouts have the chance to see what a day will be like at Summer Camp this year.

For families of 5 or more please contact the Service Center for a family rate.

Bring the whole family!! ALL MEALS in the DINING HALL!


SHOOTING SPORTS                             NATURE and FUN                       SCOUT-CRAFT  

DINING HALL FUN                                FIELD GAMES

CAMPFIRE PROGRAM and plenty more!!

Equipment Needs:

Tent to Sleep in
Scout Uniform
Sleeping bag blanket and pillow
Sleeping Pad
Comfortable walking / hiking shoes and sneakers
Underwear (shirt & shorts) & socks
Extra clothing (shorts, pants, shirts)
Cap or hat & cool weather jacket
Flashlight with extra bulb and batteries
Canteen / water bottle
Rain gear
Bath / hand towel, wash cloth, and shower shoes
Soap & shampoo
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Brush / comb
Spending money for trading post, souvenirs, etc.


You can register and pay online or register online and pay in the store. To pay in the store choose the option that looks like a mailbox at checkout. It will send you an invoice/bill. Pleases provide the number to the Sevice Center when paying.

Contact E-mail
$20.00 per Adult
$20.00 per Family Member
$20.00 per Scout
Early Discount
Before 9/30/2017 a discount of $2.00 will apply to all Adult Registrants.
Before 9/30/2017 a discount of $2.00 will apply to all Family Member Registrants.
Before 9/30/2017 a discount of $2.00 will apply to all Scout Registrants.


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