The Show-N-Sell popcorn sales option will add immediate, convenient sales for scouting units in the Five Rivers Council this fall.

This will not replace the traditional, delivery based “Take Order” sales held each fall. But rather than wait for weeks for delivery, in the Show-N-Sell, consumers can walk up to booths manned by Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts or Venturers, hand over cash and get their popcorn on the spot.

The popcorn booths can be set up in front of stores, ball games, street corners and other public venues. 

Show-N-Sell details:

> Training session — 6:30 p.m., May 22 at the Arnot Mall Community Center. 

> Popcorn orders  — due to the Arnot Mall Scout Shop by Aug. 18. 

> Popcorn ready for pickup Sept. 5.

> Payments due Oct. 24.

> To register, call Karen Stark at the Scout Shop, 607-796-0699

> Download the registration form HERE


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