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Outdoor Webelos Leader

Camping is a cornerstone of the Webelos Scout program. Boys are eager to camp with their den in the great outdoors. This places a great obligation on the Webelos den leader to make this experience exciting, uplifting, fun, and a memorable.

Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders training is designed to help leaders learn how to provide a memorable camping experience for their Webelos Scouts and parents or guardians. 

This training is a day and half long training held bi-annually alternating between Camp Brulé and Camp Gorton.

Tent overnight camping is required.

OWL includes information on:

  • Wood Tools
  • Fire Site Preparation & Building
  • Ropes & Knots
  • Hiking Techniques
  • Geologist Activity Badge
  • Health, Safety & Outdoor Manners
  • Flag Ceremonies
  • Readyman Activity Badge
  • Webelos Scout Outdoor Program
  • Cooking & Sanitation
  • Planning Webelos Den Overnight Campouts
  • Naturalist Activity Badge
  • Forester Activity Badge
  • Campsite Selection, Tents, & Bedding
  • Webelos Den Campfire Planning
  • Webelos-to-Scout Transition Plan

This training is needed for any Webelos Den Leader to take their Webelos Den camping 

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