Skeet Range Shooting Day

Skeet Range Shooting Day
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4241 Co Rd 25
Dundee, NY 14837, US
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2019 Troop or Crew
Skeet Range Shooting Day

What is a Skeet Field?

Today’s skeet field varies little from its 1920 beginnings. It has 8 shooting stations and 2 trap houses. As seen in the picture above, 7 of the stations are arranged in a half moon between the 2 trap houses, and 1 station is centered directly between them. The high house, on the left side of the field, throws its targets from a trap 10 feet above the ground. The target rises to a height of 15 feet by the time it travels to the center of the field. The low house target, on the right side, leaves the trap house just 3½ feet from the ground. It also rises to a height of 15 feet by the time it reaches the center of the field.

What is a Round of Skeet?


  • A round of skeet consists of 25 targets, with 17 shots as singles & 8 as doubles.
  • 5 shooters maximum per round
  • Needed for 1 round = 1 box {25 Shells} with an average cost = $8.00.
  • Two rounds = 2 boxes {50 Shells} average cost = $15.00.
  • The average time to shoot 1 Round = 35/45 min.
  • Maximum # of shooters for 1 round = 5 or 15 shooters in approximately 3 hours.

Choose an AM or PM ½ Day Program - {For Full Day Program, Reserve BOTH AM & PM!}


A skeet shooting round accommodates a maximum of 15 shooters as a total group. Smaller groups of 5 shooters participate at the same time but shoot one at a time. ½ Day AM starts at 8:00 am & the ½ Day PM starts at 1:00 pm.



8 am      Skeet Shooting Orientation @ HQ Building
9 am      Shooting with 3 Rounds @ 5 shooters
Noon      Break for Lunch you bring, for whole day units
1 pm      Skeet Shooting Orientation @ HQ Building for Units choosing a ½ day PM Shoot
2 pm      Shooting with 3 Rounds @ 5 shooters



  1. Adult Leadership On-Site: 1 Registered and Youth Protection Trained Adult

                                            1 Additional Adult - If not registered, preferably a parent

  1. Roster of Shooters: Youth - {BSA Registered} & Adult Shooters with Date of Birth for BOTH!

                                 {Bring to Orientation} {Troop Youth must be 14 to 17 Years of Age}
                                 {Crew Youth must be 14 to 20 Years of Age}


  1. Download:                    Youth/Parent Authorization, Liability Waiver & Hold Harmless Form

         {Bring to Orientation}   Adult Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement Form

Select AM/PM & Payment: Maximum of 15 Shooters per Group - Pay via Credit Card or Check
{For Check/Cash/Unit Account Payment - Print reservation, bring to the Scout Shop and make payment by the reservation deadline.}

ECheck is taken, you must first check to make sure your bank accepts this type of withdrawl


½ Day AM Shoot: $18.00 per shooter - Camp provides clay birds, shotgun & shells
½ Day PM Shoot: $18.00 per shooter - Camp provides clay birds, shotguns & shells


For All Day Shoot: Make Reservations for BOTH an AM and PM Shoot

When you Arrive at Camp

Upon arrival at Camp Gorton, park in the main lot next to the Headquarters Building.
Bring your Receipt and Roster of Youth and Adult Shooters WITH Birth Dates

What else you can bring to the Activity

A shooting vest &/or shell pouch. Your own ear and eye protection. Provided at camp if needed.


Make it a Weekend Unit Activity

Staying at camp is always an option. We have both cabins and tent sites available. Contact the Scout
Store for pricing and availability at 607-796-0699.

Click here for the event flier


Jim Griffin Shooting Sports Chair

607-292-3227 Or Click here to email.

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