Venturing Outings

The Five Rivers Council offers several events throughout the year for the Venturing Program. We encourage adults and youth to a "Challenge By Choice" at every event! Learn more about what venturing is on our Venturing Crews page!


Venturing Biathlon

The Council's annual Venturing Biathlon, which takes place in January, was featured in Scouting, a nationally distributed magazine. As described in the article and accompanying photos, the Venturing Biathlon is a series of outdoor shooting and skiing events. After completing a required NRA and BSA gun safety course, participants are exposed to a variety of pistols, rifles, and shotguns where they enjoy hands-on experience in a controlled shooting range. Venturers are given a lesson on skiing and snowshoeing, and weather permitting, can use them in the competition. The Scouting Magazine article emphasizes the importance of staying fit in winter months and maintaining safety procedures as well as the dedication of local volunteer educators. While the event brought in participants from all over the Northeast region, Venturers and leaders are featured from Athens, PA and Corning, Elmira and Dundee, NY. The article can be found in the 2014 January-February issue of Scouting Magazine or read online here.


Click Here for the Venturing Scout Week Flier (July 24th-30th 2016)


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