Welcome to Andaste District

  • Senior Director Executive: Ross Willmot
  • Field Office Address: PO Box 91, Towanda, PA 18848
  • Field Office Location: 323 Main Street, Towanda, PA 18848
  • Mobile Phone Number: 570 423-9326


  • Click Here for an information sheet about the Andaste District
  • Click Here for information about the Andaste District Roundtable Bucks



  • District Chairman: Richard Lines-Burgess H:(570) 485-9888
  • District Commissioner: Vacant
  • District Camping Chair: John Laidlaw H:(570) 888-7828
  • District Training Chair:  Irene Melly H:(607) 221-0337
  • District Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator: Linda Neiley H:(570) 746-1865
  • District Eagle Chairman: Nick Ross M:(570) 204-6885
  • District Cub Scout Activities Chairman: Ed Schmitt H:(570) 265-3353
  • District Boy Scout Activities Chairman: Marcus Allis M:(607) 742-9289
  • District Membership Chairman: Vacant: John Johnson H:(607) 738-4620
  • Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner: Phil Feichtner M:(570) 423-6964
  • Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner: Cliff Cyr H:(570) 888-1531
  • Risk Management: Vacant
  • Venturing: Vacant
  • Finance: T Thompson M:(570) 441-1468
  • Marketing/Public Relations Chair: Vacant


Useful Links:

  • Religious Emblems Program - For more information about the BSA's Relgious Emblems Program
  • Awards & Knots - Looking for a program idea? Check out the several awards and knots the BSA offers and see what might fit with a unit activity or personal goal

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