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Arnot Mall Service Center & Scout Shop

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Mailing Address:  Five Rivers Council
                             3300 Chambers Road Suite 5190
                             Horseheads, NY 14845-5190

E-Mail:                 Click HERE

Phone:                (607) 796-0699 or 1-800-724-6099

Fax:                     (607) 796-5101
Five Rivers Council Business Office

Mailing Address:  Five Rivers Council
                             244 West Water Street
                             Elmira, NY 14901

E-Mail:                 Click HERE
Facebook:           Click HERE

Phone:                (607) 732-9047

Fax:                     (607) 732-9055

Professional Staff

Ryan Ross (Eagle)
Senior District Executive, Andaste District


Email Ryan Ross
Phone: 570-336-6236

Rob Templar
District Executive, Thunderbird District

Email Rob Templar
Phone: (585) 403-2030 

Dale White (Eagle)
District Director, Indian Waters District

Email Dale White
Phone: 607-733-7614

Karl Ziegenfus (Eagle)
District Director, Williamson Road District

Email Karl Ziegenfus    Phone: 607-743-6899

Bill McCahill (Eagle)
Scout Executive

Email William McCahill
Phone: 607-732-9047

Administrative Staff

Karen Stark (K1)
Manager, Arnot Mall Scout Shop


Email Karen Stark
Phone: 607-796-0699

Karen Neiley (K2)
Council Registrar:
member registration, 
advancement, training, Eagles

Email Karen Neiley
Phone: 607-796-0699 

Mary Jane Russell
Finance Specialist


Email Mary Jane
Phone: 607-732-9047


Shirley Blakeman
Business Manager

Email Shirley Blakeman
Phone: 607-732-9047

Camp Rangers

Jim Thomas 
Ranger, Camp Gorton

Father of an Eagle Scout

Phone: 607-292-3210
Email Jim Thomas

Joe Roupp
Ranger, Camp Brulé

Father of an Eagle Scout

Phone: 570-924-3478
Email Joe Roupp


Council President

Dr. THomas Keith Meier
(Distinguished Eagle Scout)

New Council President and proud father of two Eagle Scouts.

Recently Retired President of Elmira College.

Key Volunteer Leadership

  • Council President: Dr. Thomas Meier M(607) 734-4080
  • Council Commissioner: Terry Lewis M(607) 661-2774
  • Council Vice President of Asset Management: Vacant
  • Council Vice President of Camping: George Bacalles M(607) 426-5365
  • Council Vice President of Training: Rev. Dr. David Sullivan M(607) 331-7890
  • Council Vice President of Advancement: Gary Neiley H(570) 746-1865
  • Council Vice President of Membership: Marc McGrain H(607) 857-9646
  • Council Vice President of Marketing: Brett Powell M(607) 425-8998
  • Council Vice President of Risk Management: Chris Velez M(585) 596-9544
  • Council Vice President of Strategic Planning: Jesse Cates
  • Council Nominating Committee Chairman: James Bacalles M(607) 738-5074
  • Council National Camp Accreditation Program Chairman: Robert Aho M(607) 346-3045
  • Council Religious Relations Committee Chairman: Ira Hale M(607) 731-2708
  • Order of the Arrow Youth Lodge Chief: Gaven DeWert H(814) 367-2121
  • Order of the Arrow Adult Lodge Advisor: Peter Reif H(607) 962-5932


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